Tuesday , February 25th 2020
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Crenova Robot Vacuum Review

There is no escaping housework. Most house chores are easy to handle if you are used to them. However, the same cannot be said about doing a deep cleaning. In such instances, you realize the time spent on mopping and scrubbing your floor might limit you from other essential duties. In that case, is where Crenova Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Wall Fully Automatic Self-Charging comes in handy. It might not entirely rescue you from the strenuous deep cleaning, but it will reduce the frequency of cleaning while still keeping your home clean.

Crenova Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Crenova Robot Vacuum Cleaner

5 Cleaning Modes and 4-in-1 Cleaning Capability

This circular device has a motor and cleaning brushes with five cleaning modes; Spot, Auto, Z-shaped, Wall Edges, and Polygonal cleaning path. The Spot mode performs cleaning in a one-meter circular movement for intense cleaning. Wall Edges cover the entire perimeter of a room while Polygonal cleaning crisscrosses the entire room. The inbuilt brushes, rolling brush, HEPA filtration, and UV sterilizing technology ensure optimum cleaning performance.

Easy Maneuverability

This vacuum cleaner uses built-in ultrasonic sensors to know where it ought to be. After fully charging, the machine can operate for about 90 minutes before automatically heading back to the dock for recharging. The virtual wall can be used to restrict the robot vacuum cleaner from areas you do not want to be crossed. You may choose to use the remote control on the cleaner to start/stop, change cleaning modes, activate UV or send it back to recharge.

Automatic Adjustments and Obstacle Detections

The manufactures of this vacuum cleaner factored in the different floor levels present. It can easily adjust to any floor. You would hate a vacuum cleaner that bumps into your furniture and children. Fortunately, this machine built-in software uses ultrasonic sensors to detect and evade obstacles. With at just 55dB, this robotic vacuum is quiet enough for you to carry out other activities without distraction.

Large Dustbin

The 1200pa powerful vacuum has a high suction power that is sufficient to pull dirt and debris into its large dustbin. The large dustbin reduces the number of times you ought to empty to the trashcan. The dustbin should be kept empty not to interfere with the operations of the vacuum cleaner. To empty it you ought to press on the button at the top then pull out its chamber. Once the chamber is out, you can open it and dump the filth into the trashcan.


Crenova Robot Vacuum Cleaner with Virtual Wall Fully Automatic Self-Charging is designed to pick up debris then return to its charging station. It allows you to run your busy schedule, as all you are required to do is empty its dustbin and at times control it with a remote. The ultrasonic sensors ensure you get optimal cleaning. It easily adjusts to your floor surfaces and runs a quiet operation. If you cannot stand to live in a dirty environment, then this robot vacuum cleaner will put a smile on your face.