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Find the Right Canister Vacuum

Type in “Canister Vacuum Reviews” on any search engine, and you’ll immediately be inundated with a sea of reviews that are more overwhelming than the dust bunnies under your bed that you’re trying to clean up. The sheer amount of canister vacuum reviews online makes choosing the right one a chore in and of itself. So, how can you bust through this vast landfill of garbage?

Simple: pay attention to the right things in the reviews. And what should you be looking for inside the canister vacuum reviews? Glad you asked! Here in this article, you’ll find information on what you should be looking for in a canister vacuum review and how to use that data to figure out the best vacuum for your cleaning needs.

And with such a wide variety of model types, weights, sizes and manufacturers, you’ll need to know this vital information if you want to get the best buy on the right vacuum. Let’s get started!

Knowing What You’re Getting

Tops on the list of what to look for, you want to be sure that you’re choosing the right vacuum. Canister vacuums have the motor and the suction head in two very separate and distinct places. This makes the suction head component lighter and much more maneuverable than other vacuums.

If you’re looking to vacuum carpets strictly, you might be better off going with upright or stick vacuums, but canister vacuums will do the job as well. But where canisters really shine is on hardwood floors, hard to reach places and as an all-around, all-purpose vacuum.

Because the canister vacuum is easier to move from room to room and the stretchy hose and multiple attachments make it so versatile, these types of vacuums are the most popular in households everywhere. You can get right up against edges and corners, up to the tops of drapery and ceilings and under tight spaces such as furniture or cracks and crevices. Plus, many canister vacuums have special cleaning tools that attach right to the body of the vacuum which allow you to clean stairs, upholstery, ceiling fans and much, much more.

Things to Consider Before You Buy

Next, on the list, you’ll need to know a few things about your needs before you get started browsing through reviews. Jot this information down, so you always have it handy:

What kind of surface will you be cleaning? Hardwood? Carpet? Both?
Know the size of the space you will be cleaning.
Know which attachments you want (but be open to getting some that you don’t even know about!)
Have a ballpark figure that you want to spend. Try to stay within your budget.
Once you have these things handy, you can start to search for some canister vacuum reviews. Stick to reputable sites like Amazon.com where you can rest assured that the seller will deliver. Sites like these have secure payment and secure checkout features that prevent credit card and identity theft. They also offer special deals on shipping (most of the time you can find free shipping) and returns, just in case the product you decided on was not what you thought once you got it.

Things to Look for In Canister Vacuum Reviews

Now, you’re ready to compare the reviews side by side. Pay close attention to not only the specs given by the manufacturer but also to customer reviews since they’re often extremely helpful telling you what the manufacturer doesn’t.

Either way, here are some key components to pay attention to when buying a vacuum:

  • Suction Power: The suction power of the vacuum is extremely important. You can find a good indication of the suction power this by looking at the Amperage which ranges from (lowest to highest) 1.5 to 12 Amps.
  • Cord and nozzle length: Depends on the size of your room and where you need to reach; pay attention to limitations a short cord or nozzle might place on your ability to clean certain areas of your house.
  • Weight: Typically, the lighter, the better, but be wary of a drop in Amperage with super-lightweight vacuum cleaners. You don’t want to trade away too much suction power for a lighter unit unless you really have to.
  • Cost: Of course, different sellers will have different costs. Be sure to add in shipping charges (if any) into your costs as some might wind up being a higher total cost when figured in. Check the link below for some of the lowest prices on top name canister vacuum cleaners.
  • Quietness: Look for quietness ratings that belie a quiet vacuum cleaner. Unless you like chasing your pets or small children around or waking your spouse up early on Sunday mornings, quieter is always better.
  • Warranty Periods: Certain brands like Dyson offer a 5-year warranty on parts and labor while others offer a 1-year warranty on both. Pay attention to which companies stand behind their product by offering you better service down the line. It does make a difference, especially if you’re using the vacuum on a daily basis.
  • Bag Size: Of course you don’t want to be emptying your bag out three or four times during the course of a cleaning so look for a larger bag to limit your trips outside to the patio. Bigger bags also mean less clogging of the suction vent, something that leads to less airflow and ultimately, poor suction.
  • Brand and Model: Certain brands offer different accessories and features and the same goes with models. Make sure you do extensive research and side-by-side comparisons to see not only the price but also the extras you’ll get with each.
    Finding The Best Prices On Canister Vacuums

If you’re looking for the best canister vacuum reviews that offer you the lowest prices, you’re only one click away.